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With the “Stay at Home” culture that sprang up in 2020 as a result of the Covid affected economy, more people than ever are using Live Streaming to broadcast and communicate with their target market/audiences. 

Broadcasting on a live stream broadcast may be a daunting prospect for some, particularly those who are not savvy with the technical aspects of live broadcasting. 

ProStream is specially designed to assist people of all skill levels in attaining a professionally produced live stream broadcast, with services including editing and archiving of live broadcasts. 

ProStream was created spefically to be scalable, reliable, and allow our clients to reach a global audience at a fair pricepoint.


CCN is a live streaming broadcast network that launched on 1 January 2015, and has produced over 4000 live streams, with broadcasters from all over the world, covering a vast plethora of material such as Alternative Education, Home & World Schooling, Revisionist History, Crypto Archaeology, Anthropology, cutting edge technology & solutions, various Natural Health & Healing modalities, Holistic Lifestyle & Life Coaching, Self Sustainability & Permaculture, but to name a few.

some of our clients


ProStream provides comprehensive training and coaching to assist with navigating the various technical platforms and aspects pertaining to broadcasting.

With over 6000 produced content streams and well over 8000 different guests our ProStream experts have experienced any technical glitch or issue multiple times over. 

We can fix nearly 100% of all issues in real time. Always with the No Stress mentality that we are renowned for.

And with media being a interesting and often very personal playing field it is vital that the stream is presented in the best possible light. This is why ProStream has developed our patented Media Coaching seminar that will truly assist you in ensuring your digital profile is the best it can be. 


Top Producers

With over 6000 streams to date in the last few years, we have successfully helped launch hundreds of successful streams ranging from self-help experts, influencers, entrepreneurs, and non-profits alike. Our producers are there to assist with pre-stream, stream, and post-stream technical support and guidance.


Once your stream is done the work doesn't stop for our producers. We will take the stream source file and edit it to an uploadable archive. We will provide you with the archive version via dropbox as well as uploading it to your existing social media accounts.


We stream directly to your social accounts including Facebook and Youtube. Your brand gets all the attention and focus. We are the team on the background of it all that makes your stream look amazing and professional. We can even moderate your social interaction during the stream if needed.


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