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Stream fact finding

One of the most important things is to find out what the overall goals are of the stream.

What is the target audience?

What is the best possible stream time?

Is it a revenue-generating stream or a nonprofit stream?

What are the graphic(s) requirements?

What are the social media requirements and promotional possibilities?

The list is endless and your ProStream expert will be able to assist you in ensuring the best possible start to your stream.

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Pre Stream Marketing & Social Media

Once you have decided what the goals and setup of the stream is meant to be, the first excitement starts. 

The stream needs to be promoted pre-stream so that your target audience is able to catch the stream.

Our producers have both the tools and the expertise to create a stream marketing plan and depending on the plan are able to implement it on your behalf.

In today’s digital climate it has become absolutely necessary to ensure your social media output matches the goals for the stream.


The moment is finally there. The day to stream is here. Now is when the real fun starts. Due to our well renowned “NO STRESS Policy” this is an actual fun experience.

Our ProStream producers will assist in the prestream setup ensuring no technical glitches occur. They take all the technical management of  the stream out of your hands so all you have to do is focus on the stream and your audience.They will take care of the graphics overlay, the bottom thirds, the social integration if possible, the intro and outro video’s, the possibilities for your stream are endless.

ProStream is able to stream directly to your social pages ensuring a direct and lasting audience connection.

post stream editing & archive

So the stream has finished and you get to relax and bask in the knowledge that the amazing stream you just did is as you sit down being edited and readied for archive by your ProStream producer.

All streams are streamed in 1080p. The normal turn around time from stream to publishable archive is between 24-48 hours depending on the amount of editing required. 

Post stream marketing & social media

Once the archive is ready to upload it needs to be shared throughout the social media pages. 

Our ProStream producers understand the best possible methods to gain as much social traction as possible for your stream’s archive.

It will be posted not just to the social media pages but also to specific dedicated archives from where your streams can be shared.

The main goal of the post stream marketing & social media strategy is to gain traction with your audience both new & existing so that the stream can grow.


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